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It is very difficult to give the definition of INTERNET but in a general way it can be defined as an internetwork is a collection of individual networks,connected by intermediate networking devices,that functions as a single large network.Internet is network of network that connect computer all over the world.

Internet is a collection of globally connected people who are linked through computer,cables and telephone lines and communicating with each other in a common language for specific purpose.It is an unlimited commercial opportunity.


Internet was started with the project called ARPANET which was sponsored by the United States Department Of Defence  , ARPA.The original idea was to build a network capable of carrying military and government information during a "nuclear event".
Till late 1970's ARPANET operated to provide connection facility to around a dozen of research sites.

Later in 1982,ARPANET established a TCP / IP protocol-a connection protocol between sites which is still in use today and is the primary method of connecting to the Internet.

In late1980's, the U.S. National Science foundation ,with its network of located computers, allowed people to share information from their home,institutions,offices, etc,...

The other networks which developed in parallel, like BITNET of IBM , X.25 based in Europe , and UUCP base in Bell Labs got slowly absorbed or got connected to Internet, in order to provide a unified information sharing medium.

Internet in India ,  was inaugurated on the auspicious day of Independence, i.e. ,15 August 1995.This in a way marks the inception of free flow from every corner of the world .
VSNL( Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited) started a new service called GIAS (Gateway Internet Access Service) to Internet accessible to Indian users.


Information exists in the computer in the form of files.One of the key function in network of many computer is to move files between two specific computers.
For such a communication we require:-
1. The address of the destination
 2. A safe method of moving data in the form  of electronic signals.
This is done by TCP/IP for sending a large block of data to another machine,TCP divides the data into little packet.The role of IP is to put the destination-address information on such packets.The TCP/IP protocol suite consists of multiple protocols  each of which transfers data across the network in a different format and with different options.


It provides a variety of information to everybody ranging from entertainment to serious buisness application to areas of daily life such as:
1.Magazines and Newspapers         
2.Household items.
6.Railway Reservation
7.On-line Shopping
8.Health Consultation
10.Radio and T.V broadcasting

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