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1) The WWW usually referred to as world wide web is a collection of files all over the world.These files represent text , documents , pictures , video , sounds , programs , interactive environment and just about any other kind of information that has ever been recorded in computer files.

2) The web is probably the largest and most diverse collection of information ever assembled.

3) The www is a global ,read-write information space.text documents , images , multimedia and many other item of information are identified by short unique identifier called URL so that each resource can be found  , accessed and cross-referenced in the simplest possible way.

4) On the WWW , a client program called a web browser retrieves information resources such as web pages and other computer files , from web server using their URL's and display them typically on a computer  monitor.One can then follow hyper linking in each page.

5) Other resources on WWW whose creation is provided by these hyper links.

6) It is also possible for example by filling in and submitting web forms to post information back to the web server for it to save or process in some way.

7) The following hyper links is often called "browsing" or "surfing" the web.


The working of WWW is based on client-server technology .The Internet user using a software known as a web browser  requests a document located on the web.The browser makes the request to the Internet host containing that document.  
Thus a browser acts like a customer or client and requests for the information.The Internet host serves the information are is thus called server.
The flow of information is controlled by protocol.The protocol used in this exchange is called HTTP.
The client , or the user or web browser makes the HTTP request and is served by an HTTP server and also known as web server.

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